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5 Bodybuilding Fitness Workouts You Can Try At Home To Build Muscle

People go to the gym based on individual preference. According to research, a common reason for workouts is to build muscles and to have fitness . The kind of training you undergo might determine which part of your body develops faster, so professionals always advise having a workout goal and sticking to it.

Below are standard bodybuilding training ideas you can try at home to make you stronger & bigger. Note that these exercises might focus on improving a part of the body compared to another, so you need to be unique in your workout plan to have the perfect body shape.

Bench press

It helps to build muscles around the triceps, pectorals, and anterior deltoids. Depending on your workout plan, different bench press techniques improve the upper body. For example, triceps and forearms can be bigger and more robust with a narrower grip bench press.

Likewise, you can add bench press to your training regimen to improve muscular endurance as it prepares your body for drillings like pushups. This workout is typical among sport exercises that require more strength, e.g., football, hockey, and sprint.

Bench press variations include traditional, decline, incline, and narrow grip bench press. However, it is not compulsory to try all the variations during a fitness session to avoid overstretching, which can cause injury to your muscle. 


For upper body strength, try pull-ups. Unlike other drilling techniques that require getting one or more gym equipment, pullup only requires a pull bar and your presence, 

The process of this drilling requires hanging on a pullup bar; then, you pull yourself in an upward direction till your chin passes the bar. The number of times you try this exercise depends on preference, but as a beginner, you can use an assisted machine or consider 0-10 pullups daily till your body adapts.

This workout helps improve muscles around the back, arm, and shoulder while also improving the strength of the doer. Similarly, some medical professionals express that when beginners use the leg press machine, it enhances their mental and physical state as they get ready for daily activities.

Irrespective of your occupation, you can try a few pull-ups every morning or evening to challenge your muscle. Although you might not experience immense strength, you will appear fit with pullups, unlike other workout techniques.


If you want to lose weight and build muscles around the leg region, try squatting exercises. Most people believe that squats are only for athletes, but this idea is not accurate as everyone can add it to their daily routine to keep fit.

It provides strength for the lower body targeting hip muscles, obliques, glutes while burning calories.  As you undergo this drilling, you experience power in your bones and ligament. 

Most physiotherapists in the United States support squat workouts because of the flexibility and improvement in bone mineral density. Individuals that experience an accident that affects leg regions can try this drilling if they want to get back in shape in no time.

Always try to squat appropriately to avoid any sort of injury to your spine or knee, as it is one of the best exercises to boost strength worldwide. If you experience any difficulty during this process, you can reach out to a doctor.

Leg press

The leg press machine is adequate for most newbies in the gym. It is a simple exercise that helps to build key leg muscles. The two common types of leg press are standard horizontal & 45-degree leg press. Both machines are effective based on an individual’s preference.

It may appear like a simple fitness drilling but helps build the gluteus, hamstrings, and quadriceps. If you have zero knowledge on how to use either type of leg press machine, seek assistance. By using the leg press, you will notice your body begins to build gradually. 

Furthermore, there are low cases of injury with the machine, unlike other gadgets. Instead of going out for routine exercise, use leg press to improve your strength and fitness while you remain indoor.

The common mistake most people make with leg press is to lift more weight than they can. When you force more weight than your capability, you might experience difficulty in using the gadget. Always ensure your legs stretch to the end during exercise for maximum effectiveness.


If you want to build arms, chest, and shoulders muscles, try a dip workout. The dip process involves placing your two palms on the elevated surface while your body is below it. Then, you try to move in a unilateral direction. 

Newbies can try the regular bench dip to get familiar with their strength capability before moving to weighted dips. Dips can build your upper body within a short duration and improve your strength level to perform other tasks when done correctly.


There are numerous exercises you can try at home to build more muscles. However, the above-posted fitness workout requires fewer expenses and makes you appear fit to perform other daily tasks. Do you have any other bodybuilding workout suggestions? Kindly drop your comment below.

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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

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