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Belly Fat: 4 Effective Exercise That Target Belly Fat

Belly fat is a general name given to abdominal obesity or central obesity. Belly fat is often the most noticeable sign of obesity which could lead to various health issues.

Belly fat is known to consist of two types of fat which are:

  • Visceral fat This type of fat is formed around your internal organs.

It expands your waistband and poses a significant risk to your health. Visceral fat causes the body to release more cortisol (stress hormone) and cytokines, leading to inflammation and increased insulin production. Those who accumulate a lot of visceral fat are at greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancers. To embark on a successful weight loss, you must first get rid of visceral fat.

  • Subcutaneous fat This is the soft fat around your belly and poses less health concern than the visceral fat, though it makes you look uncomfortable and embarrassed by how it makes your clothes tight and your stomach pudgy. Once this fat accumulates, it takes time, patience, and discipline to eliminate it.

Since we have established the need to burn off these belly fats because of their connection to cardiovascular disease and other health issues, many people want to get rid of belly fat and have a flat belly but don’t know how to. That is why we have to highlight some specific exercises that target belly fat or central obesity, as you may call it, and give you your desired flat belly.

Specific Exercise For A Flat Belly

 1 Cardio Exercise  

Cardio exercises are one of the most common exercises for burning belly fat. These types of exercise include walking, jogging, and swimming.

Walking, jogging, and swimming are often the first basic exercises to burn belly fat because it helps you burn the first layer of fat surrounding your belly. Jogging just 3-4 times per week will increase your metabolism, as well as your heart rate. An increase in metabolism rate burns calories faster, thereby eliminating fat around your belly.

2 Abdominal Exercise

After starting your mission to burn belly fat through cardio exercises, you can then go a step further by performing abdominal exercises to develop your abdominal muscles. Exercises like crunches serve this purpose, which involves lying on your back and raising your knees to touch your upper body in alternating motions.

Some yoga pose also helps to achieve this such as the asana pose, which requires you to lie on your back after which you raise your legs and torso at an angle 30 degree for 30 seconds repeatedly.

3 Interval Workout

4- Russian Pushups & Biceps Curl - HIIT Workouts full form

An interval workout is a unique exercise for burning belly fat that involves doing a high-intensity exercise for a specified period and subsequently followed up with a lower intensity exercise. The logic behind this exercise is first to work out your body at a good pace, and then you let your body slowly recover through low-intensity exercise. 

A typical example of such is to first jog for five minutes to warm up. Follow it up with, sprint for two minutes; then you slow down to running at a jogging pace, then increase the intensity to a full sprint for two more minutes. Finally, you end it the way you started by jogging for the final five minutes.

4. Strength training

A strength training exercise might not help burn as many calories as a cardio exercise, but it helps to develop muscles all over your body. This type of training doesn’t target just an area of the body; it’s all-inclusive.

When you build your muscle, it also increases your metabolism. An increase in metabolism makes you burn more calories all day, leading to loss of weight and belly fat.

Strength exercises don’t have to be complicated. It could just be 8 to 12 repetitions of simple exercises such as squats, push-ups, biceps curls, triceps dips, etc. These exercises target just almost every muscle group.

Practice this routine at least twice per week. Once you have gotten your comfortable routine, you can add weight exercises such as dumbbells, resistance bands, barbells, or household objects. You can also practice various styles in this strength exercise; make sure you don’t over-stress your muscle, do it gradually till you can complete 12 repetitions daily. 


These are the main categories and types of exercises you need to practice to get rid of belly fat and have a flat belly. These exercises demand discipline and patience because you didn’t get a flat tummy in a day so that it won’t burn off a day. Just be disciplined and consistent. With that, you are on your way to a flat belly and healthy body in general.


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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

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