Best Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercise might sound like an overwhelming workout to add to your daily routine, but its long-term effects are the reason why I’ve stuck to it over time. The important thing to remember before starting any routine is to gradually work towards your exercise goals and always remember to enjoy the process more than the results.

Below I’ve gathered the best strength training exercises for you guys to embark on your fitness journeys successfully!


You don’t want to get in over your head for this one, so I’ve kept it simple here.

The press is primarily focused on developing upper body strength, while also sculpting your core muscles. You’ll need a squat rack and a barbell. If you’re a newbie you might want to start with a 45 lb (standard) or a 22 lb one (just to adjust your form before you move onto the big boys).


Start by holding the barbell at the level of the collarbone and ensuring a firm grip by the heel of the hand. Now pull the barbell off its rack and start lifting. The key is to stand erect and keep your elbows beyond the bar as you lift. Squeeze the glutes as you go upward, move your hips forward and keep going up.

Once the barbell is above your skull, congratulations you’ve made it but be sure to maintain your balance while lowering!


Entering the gym and watching people work up their pectorals on the bench press was always intimidating until I started my own journey towards strength training. But it is one of the best strength training exercises of the upper body for endurance aka achieving that KING KONG CHEST!

For this one, you’ll obviously need a bench, but preferably one with a barbell secured over it.


This one is all about stability and a rigid posture. The key areas are the feet and shoulders because firm and steady wins the race! Consider pushing yourself downwards for this.

Release the bar and start pushing right over the shoulders. Rely on your glutes for strength and ensure adduction of your shoulders towards the spine. Now start lowering the barbell in a managed movement right up till it comes in contact with your chest. Maintain a domed back as you do. Once the rep is done re-rack the instrument to take a breather!

Remember, don’t get overconfident and always bench with a spotter.


I find this particular exercise to be more versatile compared to the other. From the traps to the abs it covers it all, with the added perks of increased bone density!


I’ll advise you to start these by maintaining the feet at shoulder-width distance. Bend forward and ensure a firm grip on the bar (which should be touching your shins when you stand). Without further ado, start pulling it up by primarily using your hip strength. The most common mistake I’ve recognized here is the spine, which is the major target of lifting-related injuries. Always maintain an erect spinal posture and engage your core. As you lower the bar,  stay in complete control, don’t let gravity get the best of you.

Carefully drop the barbell to the ground and you’ve successfully tamed the beast!


Even though they look similar, squats are distant cousins rather than sisters of the deadlift. Technically differing in the muscle factions, they stimulate. The formation has more involvement of the thigh contrasting the focus on the hip in the former exercise.

As a beginner, I’d suggest going with squats to develop strength as one steps towards the deadlifts. An additional benefit of this exercise is the lack of equipment needed. Of course, you can level up by adding dumbbells (the bodyweight version).


Initiate your workout by extending your feet at an appropriate distance. This could be whatever you are comfortable with or the standard shoulder measure. The feet should not be bent but pointing forward and most significantly your knees should align with your extremities.

The second most important is your torso. Keeping your core engaged will factor into how good the end results of the best strength training exercises are. Simply tiring yourself is not the aim but targeting specific muscles is what strengthens them. Your spine should also be erect throughout the rep. Lower yourself as if you’re going to sit in midair. Hold the position and then start moving back up while focusing on your breathing and posture.

It is advisable to do at least 15 squats daily and gradually increase, to build up stamina.


This concludes the ultimate combination of the best strength training exercises. Keep in mind, with almost all the best strength training exercises, what matters is not how long you do them. Or how many reps you do in each session, but your posture. The wrong posture might render the workout useless and even the best strength training exercises may end up seriously harming your muscles and ligaments.

Remember, consistency is key when trying to achieve actual results. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

Enter Your Name and Email Below To Download Your Free eBook