5 Workout Ideas For A Broad Chest

The chest is the most prominent muscle in your body. It’s what you see when you look in the mirror or feel for a pulse. It’s also the one that gets the most use during exercise, making it essential to work out to maintain health and fitness. Ensure to mix workouts to make your body adapt to pushing heavy objects and appear more masculine within your peers. At first, these exercises might seem challenging, but you will be on the path to your dream physique in no time with the zeal. Below are standard practices broad chest workout ideas you can try at home;

Dumbbell Squeeze Press

This exercise puts more emphasis on building the pectoralis major and shoulders. Depending on the fitness range, it provides strength and muscular endurance. Ensure the two bells are one on your hand to bolster your entire body.

Unlike other strength exercises, the dumbbell squeeze press hits different angles of the chest for size gains. Depending on your strength progress, you can add more weight to the gym equipment, strengthening the chest region muscles.

To practice this workout, hold the dumbbells on both hands and lay on the flat bench. Begin with both hands straight towards the sky and bend the hands towards the chest. Then, pause for a second and return to the upward position.

Incline barbell press

For appropriate pecs pop, try this bench press. The muscles around the pectoralis region comprise the upper and lower pec, as this drill focuses on developing the upper pectoral muscles.

Ensure the bench inclines at 15 to 30 degrees before activating your shoulder for the press; this approach helps to reduce the risk of injury on the rotator cuff. Most individuals might experience damage by using other flat bench techniques, but an incline bench press makes you safe while ensuring a dream physique.

The significant difference between incline press and flat bench is, the former concentrates on group muscle development while the flat bar is for the entire pec. Therefore, do not over-stretch the muscles to avoid injuries or any complications.

Decline press-up

Choose decline press-ups to build the lower pectorals and have a defined chest after practicing other drills. This workout makes you appear fit and requires less hard work, unlike other movements.

Place your hand on the floor and feet on a bench or gym ball to perform a decline press up. At this position, move your chest to reach the bottom and straighten your hand. Repeat this process for at least 5-10 minutes for better results.

Unlike normal press-up position, decline press-up pays more attention to muscles around the arms and chest region as you ensure to keep your back straight throughout this broad chest workout idea.

Cable fly

Do you like the idea of changing position during a workout? Cable fly focuses on deltoids and pectorals instead of pressing. Although this drill requires a great deal of stability, it is something you can practice to improve your triceps and the shoulder. 

Ensure the pulleys are slightly above the shoulder height after setting your desired weight. Next, grasp both handles and flex the pecs to extend your entire elbow.  Afterward, gently allow the pecs to stretch as the arms open. You can repeat this position your desired number of times.

For better results, don’t over tighten the handle as it can reduce the activation of pecs at peak contraction, don’t allow both handles to touch each other, and do not lower your elbow to the point of experiencing any sort of pain.


Chest dips

If you would like to burn fat around the chest region, consider a chest dips workout. Furthermore, it is an upper-body exercise that focuses on the back, shoulder, arms, as the drill boost hormone stabilizes the general body.

Most people think bench press comes first when building chest muscles, but chest dips help ensure the suitable form of your body after eradicating necessary calories. Standard benefits of this drill include; group muscle activation, broader chest development, flexible movement of the upper body, etc. Similarly, this is a practice you can have before going about your daily activities.

To practice chest dips, place both hands on each side of the dip station with your knee bent and facing backward and your arms straight. At this position, slowly move your body in an upward and downward direction repeatedly. Ensure to grab the dip station firmly to avoid hand slipping off or injuries. At first, it might appear complicated, but gradually your body will adjust.


Working out your chest muscles is one of the best ways to build a broad, muscular physique. However, it’s important to remember that you need variety to see results–no two workouts should be identical! So, try these 5 broad chest workout ideas to build up those pectoralis major muscles and achieve your fitness goals. 


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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

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