The Awesome Benefits & Review of Our Best 5 Olympic Weight Sets

The Awesome Benefits & Review of Our Best 5 Olympic Weight Sets

If you are serious about building muscle and taking your workout to the next level it’s likely that you have heard of Olympic weight sets. Here are just a few reasons why an Olympic weight set might just be the best purchase for your at-home gym and a review of the top 5 olympic weight sets & equipment.

What are olympic weight sets?

Olympic weights have several factors that set them apart from standard weights but the first thing to know is that they are extremely accurate. All weights are within 10 grams which is the International Weightlifting Association’s tolerance for competitions where olympic weight sets are used exclusively. For the body builder looking to compete, olympic weight sets are the only way to go to stay competitive.

Stronger Bars

A standard bar isn’t built to hold a heavy load like an olympic bar. Though unnoticeable to the naked eye a standard bar could start to bend form a weight load of over 200 pounds while an olympic bar is rated for safety between 1,00 and 1,500 pounds. The Tag Rubber Olympic 300 lb weight set we offer has a weight capacity of 1200lbs. Bending bars make heavy lifts more difficult and less safe. If your goal is heavy lifting then Olympic bars and plates will be best for you. An olympic barbell measures 7 feet long and will weigh 45lbs.

Torque Reduction

The end of Olympic bars usually have revolving ends that can turn independent of the bar. If you are doing lifts where the weights are prone to spin (such as a curl) the unique revolving ends of the Olympic bar will reduce torque which gives you a better grip and less stress for your wrist and elbows.

Hole size

You’ll notice that the Olympic weights have a 2-inch hole while a standard plate has a 1-inch hole. Because of this slight difference you’ll notice that Olympic plates are slightly larger than a standard plate even if they are the same size. This means that any standard plates you have won’t fit on an Olympic barbell, however you can find inexpensive adaptors to allow you to put Olympic plates on a standard barbell. We recommend buying your weights as an Olympic weight set, giving you the barbell, plates and clips for the smoothest workout.

Ease of Use

Many Olympic weights are a “grip” style which means there are convenient handles built into the plate design. The grip makes the weights easier to move on and off the barbell and as an added bonus, the handles make the plates more versatile — you could also use them for dumbbell style exercises. Versatility is a great feature when building your at-home gym.

If you’re looking to build your home gym with a set of Olympic weights, check out these popular products:

Review of the Top Five Olympic Weight Sets & Equipment

Best Bar for beginners

Featuring the traditional 7 foot length and 45 pound weight this Olympicbarbell is a perfect bar for beginners. With a 1200 lb weight test you can pack on lots of weights. Try the Tag Fitness 7’ 1500 lb weight test bar if you need that extra weight lifting ability.

Best All-in-One Set

If you want a set that has it all we recommend the Tag Rubber Olympic 300lb Plate Set. This versatile set includes a 1200lb test Olympic bar, clips for holding your plates and 2 each of the 45lb, 35lb, 25 lb and 2.5 lb rubber Olympic plates and 4 of the 5lb Olympic plates. The rubber coating is built for durability and the plate set features the versatile grip style so think of this set as the ultimate at-home gym, replacing the need for dumbbells or kettlebells.

Best Rack for all your workout needs

We love the Tag Power ½ Rack for the at-home gym. Made of 3×3 steel uprights and featuring safety spotter arms and multiple chin-up positions, this rack has all the features to go with your Olympic weight set.

Best of the Benches

The Tag Multi-angle bench is the final piece needed for a full at-home gym experience. Weighing in at 93lbs for strength and durability but with an ez-handle design and rear wheels for mobility and ease of use this bench is a best seller. The adjustable seat goes from 0 to 85 degrees allowing for incline work giving you more bang for your buck.

Best for durability

The Tag Ultrathane Olympic plates are encased in the extremely durable and long-lasting, commercial-grade Ultrathane surface. This non-marring, non-odor surface offers years of trouble-free performance without cracking, fading, or damage to floors. These Olympic plates come with a 5 year warranty and a grip design and can be purchased in sizes from 2.5lbs to 45lbs, sold individually.

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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

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