A 7 Day Workout Routine For Beginners


Having a daily or weekly workout routine is the best idea for a beginner that wants to keep fit. You can either sign up for gym class or create a schedule list that matches these activities. Experts believe that it is healthier to dedicate at least 15 minutes of an individual’s day to body fitness if you want to ward off illnesses.

Note that consistency is a great deal during this training if you want to achieve the best result. Similarly, know your body limit and don’t engage in activity that would cause or escalate injury. Finally, for correct posture, ensure to use the weight you can control and set reasonable milestones for overall well-being. Read on as we explore a weekly workout routine to try out today!

Day 1 (Full-body workout)

Because this is the first experience with a
workout routine, it is advisable to engage in only light training. Gym instructors always advise using at least 5-10 minutes to warm up the body. Core exercise equipment like single-triceps pushdown, seated cable row, standing march, ball squat, etc., are appropriate at this stage.

Note that this function helps to build the biceps, back, chest, and legs, respectively. When the body adjusts to the workout plan, there is a possibility you might experience body pain, but gradually, a practical result is undoubtedly in no time. After using any of the gym equipment, take at least 5 minutes rest before choosing another.

Day 2 (Rest day)

The training exercise you undergo the previous day might force you not to have many practices on day 2. Consider taking some rest, but some professionals advise that if you still like to engage in any workout plan, make sure it does not complicate your pain to avoid injury or muscle tear.

The purpose of having rest on day 2 is to ensure your body adjusts to the fitness routine. Newbies should ensure to take supplements that would facilitate bodybuilding for better results. Day 2 active recovery phase implies moderate-intensity tasks that allow easy flow of blood. Research shows that gentle yoga sesh and brisk walk reduces muscle soreness.

Day 3 (Full body workout)

Day 3 (Full body workout)

When you want to use the stability ball dumbbell press, sit on the stability ball and grab the dumbbells. Ensure your legs are apart and roll down until the upper backrests are on the ball. Continue this routine at least ten times before taking a short rest.

Elevate your hips and ensure the back is as straight as you hold the dumbbell close to your chest for better results. Similarly, you can move the dumbbell to about 90 degrees away from your chest and pull it back again. The stability ball dumbbell press helps to build the front or chest region. Similarly, remember to take supplements or other additions that nourish the body.

Day 4 (Active rest day)

Although day 4 is for cooling down. However, there is minimal drilling you can engage that does not require much stress. Standing march is an effective exercise for rest days as it targets the leg region and waist. Furthermore, it does not requires much duration as the injury risk is low.

This drill involves standing with your knee together, feet apart, as the arms relax by the side. Next, gently lift a knee until it reaches the height of your weight, return the leg to the ground, and lift as described above. Note that while raising the knee, your foot should be parallel to the floor as your hand relaxes on the weight.

This single position training does not require any gym gadget, as you can try it in the morning before continuing your daily routine. Then, switch to the other, and repeat this position for the first initial 10-15 times.

Day 5 (full body workout)

Day 5 (full body workout)

A seated cable row with a resistance band is a good option on day five because it focuses more on the back and helps to eradicate pain. Your sitting position should ensure your both fits are on the floor and neutral; wrap the resistance band around your chest height as each end of the band holds each other in your knee front. Make sure both resistance band tips are together in your ribs as your elbow face down. 

Then release to the starting position. If you try this drilling for at least a month, you will have a straight back with less pain. Furthermore, consider using supplements as they nourish the body and make you build faster.

Make sure your back is straight, neck relaxed as you face forward. As you pull the band and release, exhale the elbows close to the chest region throughout the exercise. Instructors recommend this training for newbies because it promotes good posture and strengthens the leg & arm region. For every pull, spend at least 30-45 seconds before release.

Day 6 (work-out)

Seated stability ball military press begins with sitting on a swiss ball with both feet firmly on the ground as you hold the dumbbells on both hands and raise above the head for a short duration. Then, as the dumbbell is above the head, move both hands simultaneously downward to the head level and return to the vertical position. 

During this exercise, the hand must be straight as you move above the head and 90 degrees to the elbow as it returns to the shoulder.

Day 7 (Active rest day)

As the last day of the week, there is no need for much drilling today as you can engage in a light workout like jogging, meditation, or strolling. The relaxation activities for today prepare you for the new week ahead. You don’t need to be too hard on yourself as your muscles need to chill. Similarly, you can visit your instructor or medical professional on this day for prompt direction.


Although, as a beginner, you might find work-out challenging at first, your body gradually adjusts to this training after the first or second day. As stated above, kindly consider the use of supplements for better effectiveness.




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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

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