5 Daily Yoga Practices That Improves Posture

You might find it challenging to spend entire hour on yoga, with the activities below, 10-15 minutes of stretch activities are enough to improve your body posture as they are effective for other yogis worldwide. This practice keeps you refreshed to go about your daily tasks.

Do you stand hunched over, and you look for the best natural practice to make you stand tall? If you adhere to the procedures below, your body will build the strength to stand tall and move freely with no hassle. Some of the top 5 yoga practices include;

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose might appear simple, but it activates internal muscles by making them strong. When you grasp on the ground with toes, the knee and hips align, thereby elongating the pelvis through the head top.

Note that you have to be mindful of areas with tender muscles to avoid injury with this posture. The benefits of mountain pose include; strengthen the knees, ankles, and thighs, as some professionals express that it reduces flat feet and relieves sciatica. In case of any complications, you can have a partner who helps check the joint shoulder center and outer ankle bone to avoid complications.

Tree Pose

If you experience any issue with proper posture balance, try tree pose. Apart from the benefit of strengthening the lower leg region, it is effective for meditation. The posture of the tree pose involves making sure the hips are in line with the shoulders, thereby elongating the spine. Most yogis put their leg foot on the ground and press the other against the left inner thigh, thereby creating a balance for a few minutes.

Make sure you stand tall and put both your hands at the heart center as you gently move them towards the sky. Ensure the hands pass at least your head for better effectiveness. When you follow this practice, in no time, you will be able to walk perfectly again as it provides strengths for the inner thigh. Similarly, you can use your right leg based on preference.

Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow position strengthens the back region. Try this yoga pose to improve posture if you experience back pain or find it easy to move your shoulder. Furthermore, this training does not consume much time or stress as you can engage in it before leaving for official duties every morning. 

From hands, inhalation, back straightening, etc. cat-cow pose helps to improve the posture. An asthma patient in England expresses that part of his exercise routine every morning is to engage in this yoga practice for better breathing. 

When you put your two-hand and knee on the ground while your back is in a straight position below the head, simply move the back upward and downward for better posture. The number of times you repeat the back movement varies on individual preference, but most professionals try at least ten times. 

Similarly, some move their body in three directions, i.e., below, neutral spine, and above the head. In no time, you will experience relief from the unwanted pains around the stretched region.

Standing Forward Fold Pose

The posture is both legs close to each other and bending the head to reach the foot. Drillings like these improve muscles around the thigh and back region. Standing forward fold is a single position training, but you have to be careful of staying too long in the posture in order not to experience dizziness or other complications.

Ensure that your feet are together as the spine lengthens for at least 2/3 minutes. Then, you can put your hand on the floor or grab opposing elbows while the hips tilt forward. If you practice this drilling within two weeks, you will witness little or no back pain with time. Similarly, the injury rate in these positions is low but as explained above, be careful to stay too long on standing forward fold to avoid dizziness or complications.

Downward-facing Dog Pose

Unlike the standing forward fold that involves putting the two feet together, the downward-facing dog pose requires the two legs apart as you stretch the two hands, creating a V-shape with your body position. If you search for gentle exercise that helps to ease the pain around the leg, back or thigh region, try the downward-facing dog pose. 

However, you can move your legs in a unilateral direction or stay in a particular position for a specific time. Strong and flexible muscles are part of this posture’s aim as you press your hand to the ground and allow the spine to grow after relaxing the neck. During the inhalation process, try to move your back legs and draw the navel to the spine, thereby stretching the whole body.


Although there are other yoga practices, you can consider trying to ease yourself of any irrelevant pain around the thigh, shoulder, or leg region. In addition, this exercise proves to improve better walking or sitting posture in at least a month.

Similarly, if you have suggestions/inquiries on the 5 daily yoga practices that improve posture, kindly drop a comment below.

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Yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Do you need proven yoga practices to improve posture effortlessly? If so, read about the top 5 yoga poses here!

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Learn How to Eat Right, Work out Effectively At home all while learning from our pro body builder experience!

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